About Maka

Look good • Do good • Feel good

Maka means "the Earth" in Lakota language

Maka offers you natural skin care as well as quality natural raw materials. Whenever possible, Maka goes on site to choose its suppliers and ensure that its ethical criteria are respected.

You will recognize our ethical raw materials with this symbol: ❤️

Maka takes care of your skin because you only have one

Maka products are composed of between 90 and 100% active ingredients.

In the synthetic beauty products business, the percentage of active ingredients drops to 10%. You pay mainly for texture agents and marketing.

Maka products do not contain any chemicals that are dangerous to your health.

What if you could participate in creating a better world simply by taking care of yourself?

Maka was born from the idea of offering fresh, natural and effective skin care and quality raw materials to as many people as possible.

The desire to create a positive system from the beginning to the end of the chain is also the basis for the creation of the brand.

Cosmetic workshops have emerged as a way to share knowledge and know-how in order to allow everyone to become independent with regard to the health of their skin.

Respect for the workers at the end of the day is paramount for us. We favour working with associations that promote the development and economic reintegration of women in countries where raw materials are found in their natural state. When this is not possible, we are committed to giving back to local associations.

We live in an imperfect system, we try to do the best we can while taking reality into account.

We are also committed to setting up social projects in the countries where we buy our raw materials.

Be part of the solution, take care of our generous planet!

MAKA is committed to a zero-waste approach: our containers are returnable and we have a minimal packaging policy. Once your MAKA products are finished, you can return the empty jars to us and you only pay for the product, and the product only.

We also offer environmentally friendly alternatives for everyday life. We promise you that you won't lose any of your comfort!

To learn more about our eco-friendly products it's here, or for more details it's over there.

Maka is against all forms of animal cruelty. Our products are not tested on animals.