Atlas Cedarwood essential oil

A woody scent that clarifies thoughts and connects us to our inner light, to influence us with the strength and  necessary confidence to achieve our goals.

Cedar is a sacred tree in the Arab world, where the name for it means “power”. Symbol of Lebanon, the doors of many temples in the east are made of its wood, whose smell has been reputed to purify for too many years to be able to count them accurately. Here again, traditional beliefs have been proven and explained by science. It fascinates me every time to see that we all had this wisdom at our fingertips, which has gradually been forgotten in favour of an unclear and scrupulous industry. I am talking about the pharmaceutical industry here, of course.

When I smell the essential oil of Atlas Cedar, I am immediately transported to Morocco, in my parents’ house located in a small town between Casablanca and Rabat. The doors, cupboard doors and ornaments are made of this precious and fragrant wood. It is a smell that instantly comforts me, because of the memories it awakens in my mind, but also because of the precious molecules contained in this tree flesh, and in our case in a much more concentrated way, in the Atlas Cedar essential oil.

This article focuses on the Juniperus Atlantica cedar variety. While the different varieties may have a very similar odour, the chemical composition of their respective essential oils may vary.

I. Composition of the essential oil of Atlas Cedar

The essential oil of the Cedar of the Atlas is composed mainly of sesquiterpenes (a-cedrene, b-cedrene, thujopsene), which makes it anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antispasmodic.

Another major component is cedrol (26-30%) which is toxic to parasites and antiviral.

The chemical composition of Atlas Cedar essential oil makes it safe for skin application. Always diluted, and always after a test on the wrist or elbow folds.

II. Properties of Atlas Cedar Essential Oil

The essential oil of Atlas Cedar is very versatile and effective. Versatility is a considerable advantage of essential oils and the more you learn about them, the more you will be able to build a complete natural pharmacy that will fit into a small toilet bag.

These essential oils are wonderful, all well thought out for us!

The essential oil of Atlas Cedar is, to begin with, a lymphatic tonic: it stimulates our lymphatic system which, to make a long story short, cleanses our body and ensures its defence (at the same time, yes). The essential oil of Atlas Cedar allows the lymph to circulate better in our body. It has the same effect on our blood.

The essential oil of Atlas Cedar is very effective against cellulite and promotes the melting of fats (to keep in mind for spring and our race to the swimsuit).

It is also anti-inflammatory, antifungal (stops the proliferation of fungus), antiseptic (skin and genital), anti-parasitic, draining, decongestant, expectorant and cellular regenerative.

It helps us deal with our skin problems, and it is a must have for those with hair that tends to become greasy quickly.

On the level of the health of the mind, the essential oil of the Atlas Cedar is calming. It gives energy back to emotionally and psychologically tired people, it invigorates and brings positivity.

III. Some concrete applications of the essential oil of Atlas Cedar

Put a few drops (4-5 for a filled 100ml bottle) in your shampoo or hair mask, if your hair is greasy.

In case of a panic attack or anxiety, simply carry the bottle to your nostrils and take slow, deep breaths. Close the bottle tightly, and please do not put it directly into your nose. Yes, I know you’ve thought about it, but no.

If you feel a little lost and are unsure in which direction to go with your life, diffuse a few minutes in the air and then meditate as you continue the diffusion.



It is very important to use a professional aromatherapist before using an essential oil. Several elements are to be taken into account in their use, essential oils can be dangerous if they are misused.

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