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  • Ravintsara essential oil

    Cinnamomum camphora ct cineole Not to be confused with ravensara aromatica, another plant from Madagascar that also produces another essential oil, but with different properties. The name ravintsara comes from the Malagasy word ravina, which means “good leaf”. As you may have guessed, the part of the tree distilled is the leaf. Ravintsara is a …

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  • Vanilla essential oil

    The essential oil of Madagascar vanilla (Vanila planifolia) is wonderful! Its rich and sensual scent will transport you for sure. Our vanilla essential oil is diluted in sunflower oil, so it is not suitable for diffusion. I. Main components Vanillin II. Virtues Vanilla essential oil is a tonic for the nervous system. This means that …

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  • huile essentielle de bois de hô MAKA

    Ho wood essential oil

    Cinnamomum camphora CT linalool Not to be confused with ravintsara or cylan cinnamon. Pay close attention to the full botanical name.   I. A little history   This magnificent essential oil is obtained from a majestic tree that grows in China, from its bark exactly. The name of this tree is Chinese Laurel (or Camphor). …

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  • Argile fine rose cosmétique en poudre

    DIY pink clay mask

    Hello everyone! February is here, it’s cold, we are confined … It’s time to make a mask!  Taking care of ourselves automatically puts us in a better mood, and our skin, attacked by the cold and dryness due to the internal heating, will really thank you! Here is a quick recipe for a pink clay …

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  • MAKA’s mission

    MAKA means “Earth” in Lakota language. Its symbol is the flower of life which, among its many meanings (this symbol of sacred geometry is found in many civilizations and has been for thousands of years), is considered to be the illustration that everything is connected. All of us, whether we like it or not, are …

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  • MAKA’s virtuous circle

    A short blog post this time to tell you a little more about our deposit system for our glass jars. The MAKA line has been thought out and carefully designed to limit our impact on the environment and unnecessary waste as much as possible. Glass jars have quickly become part of the solution because they …

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  • The essential oils, our natural allies for the new school year

    Back to school –or back to work- is here for young and older. Here are a few plants and essential oils in particular that can help you and your children get through this transition period. Before going any further, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Jennifer Hatoum, certified aromatherapist, member of …

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  • Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

    Tea tree essential oil is one of the central essential oils in the practice of aromatherapy. It is also one of the only essential oils that can be used directly on the skin, in very small doses. However, it is strongly recommended to dilute it anyway, to avoid reactions (especially in children). Tea tree essential …

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  • Stearic acid (omega 9)

    Stearic acid or octadecanoic acid is a saturated fatty acid. It is used in cosmetics as a skin cleansing agent and an emollient, among other things. Stearic acid is also a lipid restructuring agent, i.e. it restores the lipids in the hair or the lipid film of the skin (protective film located on the surface …

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  • Palmitic acid (omega 7)

    Palmitic acid is a non-essential monounsaturated acid (i. e. our body produces it). It is emollient (softens and softens the skin) in addition to supplying the hydrolipidic film that protects your skin.

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