Clary sage essential oil

Clary sage essential oil

Salvia Sclarea


Clary sage originated in the Mediterranean basin but is now grown all over the world. The best quality of clary sage essential oil is still found today in France and Morocco. Note that there are several types of sage, this article only concerns the essential oil of Salvia Sclarea.

Salvia Sclarea essential oil is a very particular oil, both in its composition and in the use that has been made of it since centuries. It is above all the reputation it still retains today that makes it stand out from other essential oils.

Clary sage has been known since the Middle Ages for cleaning the eyes. Clary comes from clarus in Latin, which means clear. Long called “the eyes of Christ”, clary sage is known to brighten thoughts and increase the senses.

In Greek antiquity, clary sage was used to treat memory loss. The Egyptians used it as a remedy against plague, and administered it to women who could not have children. We now know, with modern scientific tests, that clary sage essential oil contains a chemical component with the same qualities as estrogens. Extraordinary!


Composition of the clary sage essential oil 

Clary sage essential oil is composed of between 60 and 75% esters. This is a surprisingly high percentage of concentration of these molecules, which is quite rare in essential oils.

It contains around 30% alcohol molecules, as well as between 5 and 13% sesquiterpenes.


Properties of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Due to its chemical composition, clary sage essential oil is sedative, antispasmodic.

It is also an antiviral, antibacterial and very powerful antiseptic.


Some concrete uses of clary sage essential oil

In case of stress or hypertension, you can inhale this essential oil for a few minutes.

Scalloped sage essential oil will regulate your menstrual cycles, thanks to its properties close to the function of estrogens.

It is also an ally for mature skin, dandruff hunting and oily hair.


It is very important to use a professional aromatherapist before using an essential oil. Several elements are to be taken into account, essential oils can be dangerous if they are misused.


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