Everlasting essential oil (Helichrysum Italicum)

This pretty plant with small yellow flowers grows naturally all around the Mediterranean. This article concerns the variety Helichrysum Italicum.

Everlasting is known as the flower that never wilts, even after being picked, hence its common name. Traces of it can be found in Greek mythology, in which Apollo is known to carry this plant to remind men of its immortality.

Composition of everlasting essential oil

The essential oil of everlasting is composed of 20 to 25% of Neryl Acetate. This chemical component is non-irritating and has calming properties.

There are between 15 and 20% (each) of Alpha and Gama Curcumènein everlasting essential oil. These chemical components have great anti-inflammatory properties, and help in healing wounds and skin repair. They are also important antioxidant properties.

The essential oil of everlasting is composed of 3 to 5% of Italidione. It is a very important and interesting component, because it gives its healing and circulatory properties (which helps haematomas to disappear more quickly) to this essential oil.

Here are for the three main components of the essential oil of immortal. However, Chamazulene (between 2 and 3%) is also found in this essential oil. Chamazulene is a strong anti-inflammatory and is also an antimicrobial that helps prevent skin infections.

Properties of everlasting essential oil

As we have just highlighted through the chemical components of immortal essential oil, this essential oils is calaming, antioxidant, circulation aid, antihematoma and anti-inflammatory.

Concrete examples of the use of everlasting essential oil

Everlasting essential oil is used to treat rosacea, hematomas, for the care of mature skin and skin infections.

It is a very expensive essential oil, so it should be used sparingly.



It is very important to consult a professional aromatherapist before using an essential oil. Several elements are to be taken into account, essential oils can be dangerous if they are misused.

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