Ho wood essential oil

Cinnamomum camphora CT linalool

Not to be confused with ravintsara or cylan cinnamon. Pay close attention to the full botanical name.


I. A little history


This magnificent essential oil is obtained from a majestic tree that grows in China, from its bark exactly. The name of this tree is Chinese Laurel (or Camphor).


Its foliage is always green. Camphor wood is renowned for keeping moths away. It has therefore been prized for a long time in the manufacture of travel trunks.

The essential oil of Hô wood is very appreciated in aromatherapy but unfortunately little known by the general public.


II. Main biochemical constituents


The essential oil of Hô wood is constituted in majority of monoterpenols (linalol).

III. Main uses

Of good cutaneous tolerance, this essential oil looks after many evils related to the skin:

– Eczema

– Wrinkles

– Psoriasis

– Stretch marks

– Tired skin


The quality of the essential oil is essential and directly linked to its effectiveness.

The essential oil of hô wood is moreover antidepressant, calms the anxiety, the anguish and revitalizes the libido.

Did I mention that its smell is extraordinary?


IV.  Spiritually


The essential oil of hô wood calms the spirit. It brings serenity, trranquility and reconnection to one’s inner self. It helps to clear the mind.


V. Modes of application


The modes of application of the essential oil of hô wood are the diffusion, the inhalation and the cutaneous application (always diluted with the adequate percentage in a vegetable oil).


VI. Precautions for use

It is necessary to be supervised by an aromatherapist having followed an adequate training. A consultation is generally necessary, in order to take into account all the essential elements in order to advise in an enlightened way.


Buy quality essential oils (please no MLM). MAKA offers excellent therapeutic quality essential oils; you can find the essential oil of hô wood (organic) here.


For skin application, never apply Hoewood essential oil directly to your skin. It is necessary to dilute it in a vegetable oil. The dilution varies from one individual to another, that is why it is necessary to consult a professional beforehand.


To make a test in the fold of the elbow of the diluted essential oil and wait 48 hours before making the first real application, if no skin reaction appears in this time.




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