Lavander essential oil

Lavander essential oil

                                                     Lavandula Angustifolia



For me Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil is the queen of essential oils. It is a must have in your natural pharmacy. Very versatile, it will heal all sores, and more.

This article explains the properties of true lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia by its Latin name. There are indeed several types of lavender, and the properties of the corresponding essential oils vary.

Lavender originates from the Mediterranean basin. Now grown throughout the world, there are many botanical genus. Lavender has been documented in its medicinal use for 2500 years. There are traces of it in particular among the Egyptians, who used the plant in the mommification process, the Phoenicians and the Arab people, who used it in the manufacture of perfume. The Romans used it in public baths, kitchens and baths. Yes, it was already common practice to bath with plants to benefit from their virtues.

In the 16th century, lavender was used in France to fight infections. Glove manufacturers, who coated their articles with lavender perfume, escaped cholera. Lavender was also a central ingredient of the famous vinegar of the four thieves (Link) which allowed this group of robbers to rob the unfortunate plague victims without ever catching the desease themselves.


Composition of true lavender essential oil

This essential oil is classified in the category of esters. It must contain at least 40% of linalyl acetate.

Its second chemical component is linalool (a chemical component of the alcohol family).



The essential oil is a very powerful antiseptic, bactericidal and antiviral.

It also has sedative, calming and relaxing properties.


Some concrete uses

A drop on a fresh burn or cut will keep the wound clean and make the pain pass through.

It keeps parasites (including lice) at a distance.

It is recommended for people who are anxious and have sleep disorders.

It is also an anti-stress ally.



It is very important to use a professional aromatherapist before using an essential oil. Several elements are to be taken into account, essential oils can be dangerous if they are misused.


What is your use of this beautiful essential oil?



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