Lemon essential oil


Citrus Lemon  

It’s fresh fragrance help us to clarify issues, to motivate direction, awareness and to lift up our mood.

Lemon Essential oil is amazing. One of my favourite, especially at winter time. The part distilled is the peel.

I. Properties of Lemon essential oil.

Lemon Essential oil has numerous properties. Especially to purify our digestive system and liver.

It helps will dull skin and it’s a natural lighter.

Dandruff will not resist it and it’s a good oil to use when we’re tired or a little depressed.

It’s relaxing and insect repellant.

To purify digestive system and liver: You can benefit from the plant by drinking, every morning before breakfast, the juice of ½ lemon in an glass of water.


II. Precautions

Lemon essential oil is phototoxic. So don’t use it before sun exposure. I recomand you to use it before going to bed if you want to apply it on your skin.


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