MAKA is a brand of eco-friendly natural products, but our involvement goes far beyond that.

We implement environmentally friendly alternatives in all aspects of our business. The vast majority of our equipment and furniture are second-hand, re-calibrated when necessary, we reuse our suppliers' packaging for our shipments, we minimize packaging to the maximum and offer bulk, and we recover our containers. To find out more about our container recovery system, visit this blog post that explains the MAKA virtuous circle.

We were rated "excellence" with a score of 81% by the Green Pages.

The Green Pages is a directory of co-responsible companies in Quebec. An environmental specialist assigns a rating after a thorough review. Their mission is to "bring together the actors of change in a single directory, facilitate eco-responsible consumption and equip the population for an ecological transition. »

A high rating on the Green Pages is a guarantee that the company is really taking steps to limit its impact on the environment, and not just green marketing, i.e. it is only part of a trend to make more profit, without really getting involved.

You can find more information on the Green Pages here.