MAKA’s virtuous circle

A short blog post this time to tell you a little more about our deposit system for our glass jars.

The MAKA line has been thought out and carefully designed to limit our impact on the environment and unnecessary waste as much as possible. Glass jars have quickly become part of the solution because they are the most respectful of the noble raw materials we use. Coloured glass then, to preserve their properties.

We disinfect the jars brought back with an industrial dishwasher with this option.

The jars are therefore perfectly sanitized, and as the glass allows it, they can be reused at will. This way, your little jar of cream doesn’t end up polluting beautiful landscapes, or other countries (yes, you read correctly, some countries pay for their waste to be treated by other less favored countries. Let us know if you are interested to know more about this in a commentary, we may do an article about it).

In return for your beautiful gesture for the environment, MAKA will reimburse you or deduct 2$ from your next purchase.


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