Our Crystals

  • $3.99

    How to use the quartz : Quartz is a stone which incites to meditate, to rise spiritually. It conducts energy to the highest plane. Used with other crystals, it allows to amplify their energies. It brings sociability, calm, tenderness, tolerance and concentration. It helps to unblock limiting beliefs in order…

  • $12.50

    Selenite is a beautiful stone.

    It has a very fine vibration, gives clarity of mind. It is a crystal with calm energy, which creates a deep peace in the person who uses it.

    Selenites sticks, like the ones we offer, prevent any external influence on our mind.

  • $4.00

    The blue lace agate is a beautiful stone, with variations of blue and gold flakes. Extremely curative it is one of the most positive stones.

    Allows the free expression of thoughts and feelings. It compensates for the repression and suppression of feelings, which may have been brought about by the fear of rejection.

    It neutralizes anger and mental stress.

    Maximum purchase of 5 stones. For any order exceeding 5 stones, please contact us via our contact form.

  • $1.99

    Discover our magnificent Citrines!

    These magnificent golden stones attract abundance and prosperity.

    Endowed with solar power, these stones are warm, luminous, and dissipate negative energies.

    They are part of the crystals that do not need to be cleaned.

  • $35.00

    Natural Smoky Quartz, these splendid MAKA crystals are protectors against the very powerful negative energies.

    An ancestor stone, like obsidian, smoky quartz fills the room with a positive vibration.

    It alleviates fear and helps with suicidal thoughts, encourages concentration.

  • Pierres naturelles Obsidienne Noire

    Black Obsidian Properties:

    Extremely protective, obsidian provides a shield against negativity.

    It helps to anchor.

    Placed under a pillow, obsidian helps to get rid of stress and mental load.

    Beware, however, if you tend to avoid introspection or facing problems head-on, this beautiful black stone will bring everything to the surface to make you do the work necessary to move forward… for your own good, but to be avoided if you are not ready.


  • $12.00

    Major crystal in litotherapy, Amethyst has both a soothing energy, and which pushes to action. Stone of protection, which helps with the connection, it is adored since always by the religious guides. Very much linked to spirituality, it has been used by religious and spiritual guides since the beginning of…