Herbal teas

Discover our herbal teas!
Plants have always been our allies. For each of our ills, we can count on them.
Take care of your well-being naturally!
If you are anxious, we have a herbal tea. If you have trouble falling asleep, we have an herbal tea. You just want to have a hygge moment? We also have a herbal tea for you.
Each moment has its infusion.
Our herbal teas are offered in 100g format for sale online. You can also buy them in our physical store.
Be careful to pay attention to contraindications.
Our MAMA collection is safe for pregnant women with no other health problems.
Always check with a specialist beforehand.
  • $19.99


    MAKA’s RELAX herbal tea is composed of medicinal plants known to help you relax and find sleep much more easily. Tested and approved, our recipe will overcome your insomnia and prepare you to go to sleep. Please read the contraindications before use.


  • Tisane médicinale relaxante sécuritaire pour les femmes enceintes


    This marvellous herbal tea MAMA Relax of MAKA was especially conceived to be consumed without danger for the pregnant women. It will help you to enter in a state of relaxation and to better find sleep.


  • $19.99


    MAKA herbal tea HYGGE was created with care to bring you the perfect hygge moment. Enjoy this herbal tea to slow down and let the wonderful virtues of nature soothe & comfort you.