MAKA Natural Cosmetics

Discover MAKA natural cosmetics!

Made in Quebec, in our workshop-boutique in Montreal, they will bring you everything you need to take care of your skin summer and winter.

They will bring you a moment of great well-being thanks to their heavenly smells.

All MAKA natural cosmetics are sold in reusable glass jars. If you bring them back to our store and we can still use them, we give you a 2$ discount.

If you wish to use the same jars and that we fill them for you, it’s possible! It may take a few days depending on our workload, but it is quite possible. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on the site, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • $28.00

    Step 2 of your beauty routine NEW SKIN (30ml)

    Its bewitching smell, its creamy texture, its freshness, its jojoba seeds that gently exfoliate your skin… the unconditional darling of all those who have tried it! The texture of this anti-pollution face scrub changes as it touches your skin. Very comfortable and duox, it is formulated to get rid of dead skin cells and other pollution-related particles, while treating your skin with the utmost respect and softness.

    Use once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

  • $28.00

    Step 1 of your beauty routine NEW SKIN (100 ml)

    Formulated with chamomile extracts, CLEAN face wash will seduce you with its texture, its scent and its extreme gentleness for your skin.

    CLEAN cleans your skin without aggressing it.

  • $35.00

    Step 3 of your beauty routine NEW SKIN (100ml).

    This blue clay-based anti-pollution mask is a pure wonder!

    It purifies your skin from the harmful effects of pollution and helps it to fight soon as you apply it, your skin receives all the virtues of the plant actiifs, which provide a sensation of freshness and cleanliness.

    The blue clay comes to absorb the impurities, to illuminate your complexion, combined with essential oils, it comes to fight the signs of the age due to the pollution and leaves your face radiant, the fine lines less visible and your skin soft and not attacked.

    DETOX+++ leaves your skin purified, radiant and fresh.

  • $38.00

    Step 6 of your unisex beauty routine NEW SKIN.


    A moisturizing and protective day cream, PROTECT provides your skin with all the necessary defenses to protect itself from the aggressions it faces all day long.

    Based on sweet almond and grape seed oil, PROTECT moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It also protects your skin from pollution and takes good care of your hydrolipidic film, a prerequisite for soft and healthy skin, even in winter.

    You’ll find the heavenly & subtle scent of the line min this beautiful cream. Your skin will love it!

  • $29.50


    Apply a dab to clean facial skin. We recommend using our CLEAN gentle unisex cleanser followed by our TONE soothing and restructuring toner before applying our BOOST radiance enhancing serum.

    You can then apply our PROTECT cream to complete your morning beauty routine, and REGERNERATE at night.


    Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, prunus amygdalus dulcet oil, caucus carrots seed oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E).


    Store in a dry place at room temperature, or in the fridge to increase shelf life. Keep for 2 months after opening for optimal use.

    To avoid the appearance and spread of bacteria, it is advisable not to apply the pipette on your skin or on a surface not previously disinfected. If this ever happens, simply clean the pipette on the outside and inside with 90 degree alcohol.


  • $85.00

    The essentials at a glance to take care of your body and soul.

    Your fav ‘ Élixir Morning Dew and the MAKA Blossom Kiss lip balm, combined with a large Gipsy Swag candle and our Relax bath salts will make you spend a moment of natural softness and voluptuousness!

  • Coffret mee time, duo baume à lèvres naturel et élixir pour le visage naturel MAKA

    Your essentials and absolute Favs!

    Take care of your skin and let yourself be carried away by the sensual and delicate scent of our Morning Dew Facial Elixir and Blossom Kiss Lip Balm, you’ll LOVE it!

  • $32.75

    Morning dew is a facial elixir that has been formulated to nourish and protect your so-called “normal” skin.

    Based on jojoba oil, Morning dew nourishes your skin and helps to maintain its health without leaving a greasy finish or clogging the ports (non-comedogenic).

    Lavender essential oil, antibacterial, prevents the appearance of small imperfections and Neroli essential oil, is soothing.

    2-3 drops are sufficient in spring or summer; in winter it is advisable to apply a cream on top. You can also increase the amount to be applied to 4-5 drops.

    Your skin will tell you what to do.

  • $45.00

    Balance is a facial elixir that has been formulated to meet the needs of combination to oily skin.

    Lavender essential oil is combined with tea tree essential oil to fight acne-related inflammation and unsightly pimples while respecting your skin.

    2-3 drops are sufficient in spring or summer; in winter it is advisable to apply a cream on top. You can also increase the amount to be applied to 4-5 drops.

    Your skin will tell you what you need to do.

    Be careful, oily skin should not be dried out or deprived of external fat!

    Contrary to popular belief, your body will produce more sebum to protect your skin and it will become a real vicious circle. Because “fat”, oil, protects your skin from external aggressions.

    Balance will help your body to balance its sebum production (this will not happen overnight, unfortunately, your body must adapt).

    If a hormonal disorder is the cause of this overproduction of sebum, the hormonal disorder itself must be treated. No skin care can solve the problem.

  • $12.00

    10ml (in a tube of classic lip balm you have between 3ml and 5ml of product)

    100% natural, this almond butter lip balm is formulated to protect and soften your lips.

    It is perfumed with essential oils of therapeutic quality that have a soothing and rebalancing effect on your nervous system.

    A pure pleasure to put on your lips!

    All our containers are refundable, bring us back your little jar of balm once finished, and you will receive a $2 discount on your next purchase!



  • Jouvence Élixir visage MAKA

    Jouvence is a facial elixir that has been formulated to meet the needs of mature skin.

    Extremely concentrated in antioxidant, Jouvence helps to prevent skin ageing.

    This elixir contains 2 very precious oils: argan oil and prickly pear seed oil. You can find them in raw materials on the site.

    Geranium oil, in addition to its wonderful smell, activates the creation of new skin cells (which slows with age).

    Non-comedogenic and does not leave a greasy finish.

    2-3 drops are sufficient in spring or summer; in winter it is advisable to apply a cream on top. You can also increase the amount to be applied to 4-5 drops.

    Your skin will tell you.