Natural Room Sprays

Discover our incredible natural room sprays!

They are created with pure essential oils by a certified aromatherapist.

There is no longer any need to prove that essential oils have an effect on our mood. This is one of the advantages of our essential oil-based room spray. In addition to smelling good, they interact with your body.

Use our natural room sprays to perfume a room or on your clothes and linens, they will instantly create a feeling of well-being. They will give a final touch to the atmosphere of your cocoon.

Each of our natural room spray has its specificity and the two we propose at the moment are very different. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions.

  • $22.95


    This magnificent Natural room spray Harmony  “Smells like happiness” according to our customers!

    Naturally scented with essential oils, our natural room spray Harmony has the signature scent of MAKA.

    Delicate, feminine and sensual, this scent will soothe you.

    The Harmony room mist flies away like hot rolls! (We prefer to warn you)