Raw materials for DIY skin care

Discover our raw materials for DIY skin care!

Of very good quality, they are offered in bulk in our Mile-end boutique in Montreal.

You are a cosmetics company? Contact us to see if our corporate prices apply to you!

The vast majority of our DIY cosmetic raw materials are produced ethically.

To ensure this, MAKA’s founder goes on site to meet and select suppliers. Eventually, all MAKA raw materials for DIY skin care will be obtained this way.

Once the supplier is chosen, MAKA commits to set up a social project for the workers behind the raw materials forced directly by MAKA.

The aim is to set up one project per year to help as many people as possible.

A part of the amount of your purchases from MAKA will be used to set up these social projects!

The first one that will be set up as soon as possible will be dedicated to the women who work in the Moroccan cooperative that produces several of our raw materials.

They have asked us to help them learn to read and write. And this is what we intend to do!

In advance, thank you for them.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our raw materials.

  • MAKA argile verte qualité cosmétique


    Discover our French green clay of cosmetic quality!

    This little treasure comes to us from France and has many certificates to its bow. Of superior quality, as the analyses say!

    Extremely thin, our green clay it will help you to purify your skin and remineralize your organism.

    A beautiful gift from our generous planet!

  • $19.99

    Argan oil certified Ecocert and produced in an ethical way.

    Argan oil is a high quality oil in the world of natural raw materials.

    It can be used for face, body, hair and nails. A fan of the minimalist lifestyle and zero waste? This is the oil you need in your bathroom!

    Regenerating and anti-aging, it is highly concentrated in antioxidants.

    We work with women’s cooperatives where women are treated with respect and humanity. A literacy programme for these adult women who cannot read or write is being implemented. We tell you more about it on the blog.

  • $78.00

    NCI: Opuntia ficus-indica

    Origin: Morocco

    Part(s) used: Seeds

    Extraction: First cold pressing

    This prickly pear seed oil is ethically produced in the Moroccan mountains.

    A rather recent discovery in natural cosmetics, prickly pear seed oil is the oil with the highest content of vitamin E and antioxidants you can find.

    Precious and very rare oil, its price is high. Significantly lower prices indicate poor quality.