• $85.00

    The essentials at a glance to take care of your body and soul.

    Your fav ‘ Élixir Morning Dew and the MAKA Blossom Kiss lip balm, combined with a large Gipsy Swag candle and our Relax bath salts will make you spend a moment of natural softness and voluptuousness!

  • Coffret mee time, duo baume à lèvres naturel et élixir pour le visage naturel MAKA

    Your essentials and absolute Favs!

    Take care of your skin and let yourself be carried away by the sensual and delicate scent of our Morning Dew Facial Elixir and Blossom Kiss Lip Balm, you’ll LOVE it!

  • gift pack mAKA

    In this pretty, washable MAKA case, you’ll find all the tools to help you manage your stress naturally.

    Our Relax kit includes :

    🌿 A 100ml jar of a relaxing medicinal plant

    🌿 A relaxing aromatic inhaler to take everywhere

    🌿 A therapeutic quality essential oil of True Lavender (10ml). To learn more about the virtues of True Lavender essential oil, click here to be redirected to the article

    🌿 A rose quartz