Starting Kits

  • $34.99

    An excellent gift to offer to your loved ones! (or to yourself, it feels good sometimes)

    In this “Healthy Home” Starter Kit, you will find everything you need to take your first steps towards a greener life, without leaving anything out in terms of comfort or product efficiency.

    This kit is composed of products made in Quebec:

    🌿 1 large kit of beeswax paper (which replaces plastic wrap in all its uses), made in Quebec.

    🌿 A 500ml reusable amber glass spray, filled with Pure multi-surface cleaner, ecological and compatible with all surfaces, including appliances, computers, windows, mirrors… a product for all surfaces to be cleaned in the house, and that also respects the planet and our health!

    🌿 A reusable Kliin brand wipe that works exactly like a dry paper towel, and can be used as a sponge when wet. 1 Kliin = 17 rolls of wipe everything! It is machine or dishwasher washable AND compostable. We love our Kliin. We love them with love ❤️