Blue Lace Agathe


The blue lace agate is a beautiful stone, with variations of blue and gold flakes. Extremely curative it is one of the most positive stones.

Allows the free expression of thoughts and feelings. It compensates for the repression and suppression of feelings, which may have been brought about by the fear of rejection.

It neutralizes anger and mental stress.

Maximum purchase of 5 stones. For any order exceeding 5 stones, please contact us via our contact form.



Use of the Blue Lace Agathe :

The Blue Lace Agathe is a very curative stone.  It is one of the most positive stones.

It helps to overcome anger and to manage mental stress.

It also frees the expression of feelings.

You can wear the stone on you, make a very nice jewel, put it in a room or under your pillow, to enjoy its benefits during the night.


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Blue Lace Agathe

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