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Resulting from a Provençal tradition, the small lavender pouch is widely used in France, for many reasons and for hundreds of years.

The pure and modern design of MAKA marries marvelously with this traditional use of lavender flowers, and offers you the perfect balance between naturalness and elegance.

Slipped under a pillow, the soothing scent of lavender will help you relax. In a drawer among your laundry, or in a cupboard, lavender will perfume your clothes or sheets and keep insects away.

MAKA lavender pouches are made of natural fabrics.


Use and composition of MAKA lavender bags:

Our small lavender sachets are made from real lavender flowers (lavandula angustifolia) that come from the high mountains of Provence, France. The sachet itself is made from natural cotton fabrics.

The place is beautiful, and the wind carries the scent of lavender to us to wrap us in softness and well-being.

MAKA lavender pouches will bring that warm, soft cocooning and wellness feeling into your home.

Slipped into your drawers, they will perfume your linen and sheets, as well as those of your guests.

Under your pillow or your children’s pillow, they will help you fall asleep.

The scent of lavender flowers is given by the essential oil that is present in these flowers. This essential oil has a thousand virtues. It is an essential oil to have in your natural pharmacy. If you want to know more, you can access an article on the virtues of lavender essential oil < here>

If you wish to buy a therapeutic grade true lavender essential oil, it’s <here> !

Very often offered as a gift, MAKA lavender pouches are a pleasure for everyone without exception !

MAKA’s sleek, modern design blends beautifully with the ancestral French tradition of the lavender pouch that Jennifer Hatoum, MAKA’s founder, has always known.

Living with the benefits of nature, even in the city, is possible. It is important for everyone to be able to maintain this connection that is part of us, part of our deepest nature.

MAKA products are there to help you reconnect and elegantly maintain this essential condition for our harmony.

The lavender inside MAKA lavender pouches is not intended to be ingested.

Would you like to grow your own lavender? A few tips < here>


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