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Prickly pear seeds oil- 30ml | MAKA

Prickly pear seeds oil- 30ml


NCI: Opuntia ficus-indica

Origin: Morocco

Part(s) used: Seeds

Extraction: First cold pressing

This prickly pear seed oil is ethically produced in the Moroccan mountains.

A rather recent discovery in natural cosmetics, prickly pear seed oil is the oil with the highest content of vitamin E and antioxidants you can find.

Precious and very rare oil, its price is high. Significantly lower prices indicate poor quality.

To obtain 1 litre of this oil, 30 kg of seeds are needed, which represents 1 tonne of fresh fruit!

The sorting of the seeds is a meticulous work (they are sooo small!) and contain only about 5% oil. Thus a quality oil cannot be sold for less than $20 per 30ml.

Considering its virtues (detailed here 👈), the work that the production of this oil represents for the little hands behind your raw materials, as well as the colossal quantity of prickly pear fruits and therefore of cactus necessary for its production, we advise you not to use it for saponification.

This oil is so precious and effective that it deserves to be used sparingly.

You will benefit even more from its magic by applying it as a serum on your skin or by incorporating it into your facial cream recipes.



Type de peau

Peau grasse, Peau sèche, Peau sensible


50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml

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