How to use the quartz :

Quartz is a stone which incites to meditate, to rise spiritually.

It conducts energy to the highest plane.

Used with other crystals, it allows to amplify their energies.

It brings sociability, calm, tenderness, tolerance and concentration.

It helps to unblock limiting beliefs in order to help personal development and the achievement of goals.

It unblocks the energies of the individual, helps the one who is in full recovery.

You can use it in meditation, the quartz will dissipate distractions and help you enter into a meditative state. Used with amethyst, whose properties it will accentuate, it is an ally to access the connection.

The size of our quartz allows you to wear it easily in your pockets or in jewelry. The contact with your skin will make them even more effective.

You can clean your quartz by depositing it on an amethyst geode or by passing it through a sage smoke. You can recharge it in the sun or on full moon nights with your other stones.

Just like plants, crystals are gifts from Nature to help us heal, move forward spiritually and calm our energies by dispelling anxiety, anxiety, stress and negativity.

Maximum purchase of 5 stones. For any order exceeding 5 stones, please contact us via our contact form.

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