Roman Chamomile Essential oil

Roman Chamomile (Antemis nobilis) is native to Southtern and Western Europe. Traditionnaly cultivated in France, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Britain, the plant was then introduced to North America.

Sacred plant, because of it’s incredible properties, Roman Chamomile was used by Egyptians to cure fevers.

Main properties of Roman Chamomile essential oil.

 Roman Chamomile Essential oil is calming, relaxing. It cures stress and anxiety.

Very efficient for hypertension, Roman Chamomile essential oil is also antispasmodic, and has been used for millenia to cure fevers.

It relieves from pain and induces sleep.

Precautions to apply when you use Roman Chamomile essential oil.

Do not use if you’re pregnant.

Always do a test on your wrist (diluted!). If 48h after there is no rash, you can use Roman Chamomile Essential oil.

I highly recommend to see a specialist before using any essential oil. Especially if you want to use it on a child, I’d say it’s a must.


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