• Ecological alternatives

    Ecological alternatives (9)

    Discover our ecological alternatives! MAKA offers you ecological alternatives made in Quebec for everyday life. You deserve a healthy living environment, and that starts at home. That's why here you'll find the essentials to take care of your home and your loved ones. MAKA has selected for you natural bulk household products that smell like heaven! Also discover our reusable…
  • Essential oils

    Essential oils (5)

    Discover our essential oils! They have been our allies in well-being for thousands of years. Used well, they will be an asset for you and your loved ones. The essential oils offered by MAKA are pure, organic and of therapeutic quality. You can also buy them in bulk in our boutique located in the heart of the Mile-End in Montreal.…
  • Essential oils diffusers

    Essential oils diffusers (3)

    Discover the beautiful MAKA essential oils diffusers ! Our diffusers will bring the final touch to your decor with their elegant design! Moreover, the synergies of essential oils that you will diffuse will fully participate in creating a unique atmosphere in your home. You can change the atmosphere according your mood without changing all the furniture! All our essential oils…
  • Herbal teas

    Herbal teas (3)

    Discover our herbal teas! Plants have always been our allies. For each of our ills, we can count on them. Take care of your well-being naturally! If you are anxious, we have a herbal tea. If you have trouble falling asleep, we have an herbal tea. You just want to have a hygge moment? We also have a herbal tea…
  • MAKA Natural Cosmetics

    MAKA Natural Cosmetics (8)

    Discover MAKA natural cosmetics! Made in Quebec, in our workshop-boutique in Montreal, they will bring you everything you need to take care of your skin summer and winter. They will bring you a moment of great well-being thanks to their heavenly smells. All MAKA natural cosmetics are sold in reusable glass jars. If you bring them back to our store…
  • Medicinal plants

    Medicinal plants (22)

    Discover our medicinal plants! Reconnect with grandmothers' remedies and the wonderful virtues of plants for your beauty and well-being. Our medicinal plants come from a herbalist's shop that has been working for more than 30 years. They are offered at a certain weight for online orders. However, they are offered in bulk in our workshop-boutique in Mile-End in Montreal with…
  • Natural Room Sprays

    Natural Room Sprays (1)

    Discover our incredible natural room sprays! They are created with pure essential oils by a certified aromatherapist. There is no longer any need to prove that essential oils have an effect on our mood. This is one of the advantages of our essential oil-based room spray. In addition to smelling good, they interact with your body. Use our natural room…
  • Raw materials for DIY skin care

    Raw materials for DIY skin care (4)

    Discover our raw materials for DIY skin care! Of very good quality, they are offered in bulk in our Mile-end boutique in Montreal. You are a cosmetics company? Contact us to see if our corporate prices apply to you! The vast majority of our DIY cosmetic raw materials are produced ethically. To ensure this, MAKA's founder goes on site to…