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Essential oils are our allies in well-being, pshychologically, physically and emotionally.

However, it is important to be supervised by a professional in order to make sure you use these essential oils safely.

Jennifer Hatoum, certified aromatherapist and founder of MAKA. I have been trained in general clinical aromatherapy, and I have a specialization in pregnancy and end-of-life care, to help with the well-being of our seniors.

I practice a complementary approach. An aromatherapist cannot diagnose. If the desire to help is present when you come to the store, I must have a diagnosis from a doctor before I can complete what has been set up with the doctor. It is also important to make sure – for your own sake – that the use of aromatherapy is not contraindicated in your case. Aromatherapy helps with symptoms, it does not cure disease. 

My father is a doctor and has always warned us (my brothers and I) about the effects of overuse of medication. He has always worked with passion and dedication for his patients and even though he is now retired, he continues to practice.

Very skeptical of aromatherapy and essential oils at first, he became increasingly interested in them because he saw the benefits.

I am certified by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) and I was a member of the board.

How does it work when you come consult me for an aromatherapy session ?

The first consultation lasts 1 hour and allows you to draw your complete holistic portrait. This first session is offered at a price of 80$ + taxes.

The following consultations, shorter, are offered at a price of 45$ + taxes.

Make an appointment now via the calendar below. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer your questions as soon as possible, with great pleasure.

Photo de Jennifer Hatoum, la fondatrice de MAKA