The essential oils, our natural allies for the new school year

Back to school –or back to work- is here for young and older. Here are a few plants and essential oils in particular that can help you and your children get through this transition period.

Before going any further, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Jennifer Hatoum, certified aromatherapist, member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists and member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists since this year.  I am the owner of Maka, a line of natural cosmetic products, as well as the shop of the same name in Montreal’s Mile-End. It’s a really pleasant place where we talk about plants and virtues, aromatherapy and ecology. You can find more information here:


I would also like to clarify that the information I will give you in this article does not replace a consultation with an aromatherapist (who heals with essential oils) or a naturopath. Each organism reacts differently to plant chemistry, we all have different sensitivities.

Concerning children, I sincerely recommend that you consult a specialist for the doses. Same thing for adults. No essential oil for children under 6 years old, unless a certified specialist follows and supervises you.

Let’s now move on to the subject of this article: our allies for the new school year.

I. True lavender essential oil, for stress and anxiety.


If you should only have one essential oil in your natural care kit, it is the essential oil of true lavender. You will find out why in this article, published previously.

True lavender essential oil is of particular interest to us for the back-to-school season because it has anxiolytic and relaxing properties. This means that it helps to manage stress and anxiety, a feeling that many children (and adults) feel, even during the rest of the school year or at work.

Unfortunately, this happens much more than one might think at first glance.

True lavender essential oil also helps with sleep.

We offer you an excellent organic true lavender essential oil of therapeutic quality on our website or in our store, you can find it online here.

If you want a more practical solution, that you can take with you everywhere with discretion, I suggest you take a look here.

II. The essential oil of sacred basil, for concentration.


Concentration is like a muscle that we need to work on. After the summer vacations, it is more difficult for children to stay concentrated, especially during this period, which is a little confusing for everyone.

For some people, and some children, staying focused is more complicated than for others.

Fortunately, nature is there for us.

Sacred basil essential oil helps us to refocus and concentrate on one thing. It helps us to “de-scattered” somehow.

If you want something really practical to take everywhere with you very easily, we offer you the Maka’s aromatic inhaler “Focus”, which you can find at our physical store, or here.


III.       Ravintsara essential oil, to protect against germs and viruses.


Before I start with this part, I would first like to specify that I am not dealing with the problem of cornona virus. I have my own idea about this (which is only my opinion), but we currently have no scientific data proving that this or that plant is effective against this virus.

That being said, the antiviral virtues of ravintsara have been proven by many scientific studies, and the essential oil is traditionally used in the prevention of highly contagious diseases, as well as to boost the immune system.

Please do not interpret or transpose my words to coronavirus, thank you friends.

We offer an essential oil of therapeutic and organic quality, you can find it in our store in Montreal’s Mile-End or online here.


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