Vanilla essential oil

The essential oil of Madagascar vanilla (Vanila planifolia) is wonderful!

Its rich and sensual scent will transport you for sure.

Our vanilla essential oil is diluted in sunflower oil, so it is not suitable for diffusion.

I. Main components


II. Virtues

Vanilla essential oil is a tonic for the nervous system. This means that it gives it a boost without irritating it.

It is also calming, relaxing and moderately aphrodisiac.

If vanilla has many virtues for the skin, it is however necessary to call upon one or a specialist because it has a majority of irritating molecules in cutaneous application.

III. Uses

In inhalation, the essential oil of vanilla will be a very effective ally well to be.

It allows to help with the following evils:

Anguish and anxiety
Mental and intellectual fatigue
It will allow you to reconnect to yourself and therefore increase your self-confidence
Light depression (if you have suicidal thoughts or you feel something heavy, please turn to a mental health specialist. Essential oils can complement a treatment but never replace it)
Stress and overwork

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The advice of a certified aromatherapist is strongly recommended when using essential oils. You can make an appointment with our certified aromatherapist and member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists HERE


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